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About Us

An executive search firm specializing in Contract and Residential interiors, furniture and building material environments 
where people matter.

The right people can impact the growth and profitability of any organization. Our experience has shown us that compassion, dedication and individual attention to every engagement is not only necessary, it’s the right thing to do.

A Word from the Founder


Deborah Allen

Focus and context are my two new watchwords. The interplay between intense concentration – and then pulling the camera back to view the arena in which it’s happening – is a skill that takes constant nurturing. At every stage of a career path – intern to CEO, new levels of expertise beg to be absorbed and implemented.  Technological advancements alone can’t replace this skill and I advise clients and candidates alike to keep upgrading these abilities. In short, you must be well-informed – nimble, flexible, with a wide-range of action plans ready to go.

For me, a wider context means that I can simultaneously see our industry as an art form – and a practical and commercial success.  Likewise, global cultures need to integrate the complexities of living in harmony with the natural, organic world– which is definitely within our capabilities – as long as we master the art of zooming in and zooming out.

Our Guiding Principles

Put People First

People Gathering in a Meeting Together

Our job isn’t done until everyone is thriving, using skills and resources to build a better workforce and a better workplace.

People matter and we will take every opportunity to bring hopes, dreams and just ordinary practicalities to the ongoing discussion about how to make life work for everyone.

See & Be Seen


The crucial difference between us and other firms is that our team is constantly out in the field. This means in person, at functions and gatherings, meeting with people and experiencing firsthand the current energy of the market. While it‘s tempting to think information can be easily obtained on the internet and staying in touch as simple as a phone call, a superficial search, “dialing for dollars,” as it’s known in the industry, is not sufficient. A “virtual tour” approach may yield information, but recruiting from the confines of an office will never fulfill the broader and deeper needs of either the candidate or company.

Interpret & Use Data

Data on a Touch Pad

Our team is dedicated and talented and constantly looking for new ways to interpret and use data.  Because data can provide not only facts but possible story outcomes – it’s a far richer source for us than previously thought – and our people are at the forefront of a new data movement that has more to reveal to us than boring, inscrutable numbers and “wizard code.” We research talent mapping, market mapping, company information, competitor information, and follow industry trends and recent news. 

Stay Current 

Image by Charles Forerunner

We stay current and pass on helpful tips and grand ideas alike because we believe it is an essential ‘nutrient’ for everyone, and we invite our audience to check out our many offerings.We support the efforts of such commercial real estate association as CoreNet Global and Bisnow. We attend as many Bisnow events as possible, because if you want to know what’s going on in your territory — attend a meeting!  Similarly, we support CREWNetwork (women in commercial real estate) a groundbreaking and highly supportive women’s network that has meaningful impact far beyond real estate. 

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